The site is privately owned and a portion is zoned for industrial use.

Doug Duncan and Jack Stodelle report that a Rose Canyon location is desirable and also that a Mission Bay site should be investigated.

Eric Sanders reports that Mr. James Reading, official of the San Diego Historical Shrine Foundation and RHSofSD member, stated that a recent survey for an on-line site for a Travel Town produced negative results. Reading stated that a site in the proposed Sycamore Canyon Park would be ideal but it is unlikely that the land would be made available. He also stated that an operating museum is a project which deserves study. He added that it would be a project of considerable magnitude but one that should not be regarded as impossible of attainment.

Bill Morrison, Douglas Duncan and Jim Reading have suggested possible sources of power for an electric operation. Charles Gerdes also told the Report that he felt the power situation is possible of solution.

An Orange Empire Traction official contacted by the Report indicated that his group welcomes support from San Diego area railfans. He stated that several San Diegans are now members and that the museum is closer to San Diego than it is to Los Angeles. OET is a going concern, he said, and is, even now, preparing for operation.

It should be noted that Mayor Hodge of National City at one time met with RHSofSD officials to discuss the possibility of railroad operation in a National City Park.

It would appear that interested persons have several choices. They are;

  1. Limit activity to more adequate "caretaking" of presently owned equipment.
  2. As a group or as individuals offer active support to the OET museum.
  3. Study the National City project.
  4. Initiate long range study which might lead to the establishment of a San Diego area Travel Town with or without operation. This might be at Del Mar or at some other site.
  5. Plan definite work schedules at Del Mar or at private projects.
  6. Meet on a continued study basis.
  7. Or, plan for the establishment of a San Diego area operating museum. Present at the October 18 meeting were; Fred Reif, Dick Dodge, Lyle Judd, Eddie Junghans, Wally Duthie, Jack Stodelle, Dick Pennick, Bill Morrison, Dwight Couch, Charles Gerdes, Douglas Duncan and Eric Sanders. All but one of those present were RHSofSD members. The moderator made it clear that any interested person is invited to attend the next meeting.


Published by the Dispatcher in the interests of San Diego County Railroad Museum activity. Address communications to; Eric Sanders, 7661 Normal Ave., La Mesa, Calif.


In Issue 1 of the Report an attempt has been made to record the discussion that took place at the October 18, 1959 meeting of individuals who have expressed a varying degree of interest in railroad museum activity. The Report has also attempted to bring the problem up-to-date. Here's hoping that no individual has been misquoted.

Interested persons are urged to attend the January 17, 1960 meeting.


The Canadian Railroad Historical Association has adopted the name "The Interprovincial Railway of Canada" for its museum operations. Acquired on Nov.21 were Canadian Pacific 4-4-0 #144 and Courtaulds' (Canada) Limited electric locomotive #7.

Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society Inc. has acquired Dept. of Public Transport, New South Wales, Sydney tram #1187. (The editor rode this type tram as a boy in Manly Beach. N.S.W.)


For a three dollar contribution OERHS offers a regular membership with several items including a picture of the Sydney tram.

Subject to ICC approval the D&RGW has sold the Silverton line to a nonprofit group. Sale includes one locomotive, 10 passenger and some work and freight cars.

Four unit locomotives now pull SD&AE freights averaging 70 cars per train. A caboose has replaced comb #208. It alternates with combines 174 and 175.